• "What happens when a person forgives another?  He or She acts like God.   What?!  You and I are acting like God when we forgive another person.
  • Forgiveness is a godly act.  God the Father forgave Israel many times.   Jesus the Christ forgave and continues to forgive us when we ask. So, He commands us to forgive.   
  • What does forgiveness do for me?   1. Sets you free    2. Brings a sense of calm and peace.   3. Brings joy and fulfillment that you obeyed God.
  • If you want freedom from anger, hurt, pain, anxiety and resentment.  Read my book.  If you are tired of having those feelings.  Read my book.
  • Forgiveness can be hard, but God gave me a method to help.  Sometimes you have to work at it.  God knows, let Him help you.
  • In the privacy of your own home, in the corners of your mind, think deeply.  On the back streets of your emotions, let the reservoir of your emotions come to the surface. Be honest.   Work it out.   Let God help you.  He wants to.  We must forgive.  That is His command.


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